Walk-in chamber – temperature test chamber

Test rooms are designed and built to simulate environmental conditions for products or large parts, this equipment will have the ability to supply air from minus 70 degrees Celsius below zero to 180 degrees Celsius above zero.

Other features such as steam generation system, anti-explosiveness, automatic dryer and network are among the other options of this device that can be installed according to the needs of customers.

Test chambers are often custom designed and manufactured.

There will also be the possibility of the floor of the test chamber being movable or fixed, and for tests such as car testing, the floor of the chamber is railed and can bear weight up to 30 tons per square meter.

Arya Sarmayesh test chambers are designed and built based on IEC60068-3-5 and MIL-STD-810G standards, which create high uniformity and stability of chamber temperature. They are evaluated with strict tests by the quality control team of the company based on the above standards.

The air acceleration in the environmental test chambers of Arya Sarmayesh is defined in terms of the test and will be different based on the standard, and the air speed is controlled by inverter drives.

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Model Type Volume data sheet
ATUA 50/35 Explosion Proof 60 liters Download ATUA 50/35 datasheet
ATUA 50/40 Explosion Proof 80 liters Download ATUA 50/40 datasheet
ATUA 50/45 Explosion Proof 90 liters Download ATUA 50/45 datasheet
AVT 50/55 Explosion Proof 110 liters Download AUTA 50/55 datasheet
ATUA 60/65 Explosion Proof 214 liters Download ATUA 60/65 datasheet
AVT 60/85 Explosion Proof 300 liters Download AUTA 60/85 datasheet
ATUA 70/85 Explosion Proof 416 liters Download ATUA 70/85 datasheet
AVT 75/100 Explosion Proof 712 liters Download AUTA 75/100 datasheet
ATUA 100/100 Explosion Proof 1000 liters Download ATUA 100/100 datasheet