Medium Climatic Test Chambers

Medium Temperature Test Chambers is one of the subcategories of the Temperature Test Chambers.
This Subcategory Includes Test Chambers that has Inner Chamber Volume from 125 L to 1000 L.

Models of this subcategory are available on two remperature range as  -70 °C to +180 °C and -40 to +180 °C .

This subcategory divided into two subcategory itself. First subcategory of small sizes is mini test chambers without as stand in its structure, Therefor it needs a table to be stand on it.
Second subcategory of samll size chambers has has stand structure on its body, And has no need for External table. 

There is a Table at the bottom of this page that Includes all of the Medium size chambers. In each row at first column, You see the name of specific model, and its corresponding datasheet and catalogue .
Datasheets and Catalogues are downloadable.
One year Or 2000 Hours of operation Warranty
10 years After Service

These Chambes has Wheels unederneath of them that make them portable.

Software Control System
Standard Option
Custom Options

Model Type Catalogue Datasheet
125 L Climatic  Download The 125 L Catalogue Download The 125 L Datasheet
250 L Climatic  Download The 250 L Catalogue Download The 250 L Datasheet
300 L Climatic  Download The 300 L Catalogue Download The 300 L Datasheet
400 L Climatic  Download The 400 L Catalogue Download The 400 L Datasheet
560 L Climatic  Download The 560 L Catalogue Download The 560 L Datasheet
620 L Climatic  Download The 620 L Catalogue Download The 620 L Datasheet
1000 L Climatic  Download The 1000 L Catalogue Download The 1000 L Datasheet