Condenser Chillers

AIC series chillers are designed to connect to a closed circuit and most of its application is the cooling of the water condensers that are used in temperature testing, humidity, And thermal shock testing chambers.

This kind of chiller is also used to cooling coil, exchanger or any other closed cycle.

The operating temperatures of these chillers range from 12 to 25 degrees Celsius and are equipped with two pumps.

This series of Aryasarmayesh is designed for outdoor installation, And in cool seasons, with arrangements designed for specific modes, it can continue to operate without problems and meet the user's needs.

This series of chillers has a fluid reservoir heater & a Carter compressor heater, the fluid is composed of 20% ethylene glycol and 80% distilled water, which in addition to tolerating the negative temperature of sedimentation will also be prevented.

All fittings and reservoir are made of stainless steel and bronze and polypropylene pipes that will never be corroded.

One year Or 2000 Hours of operation Warranty
10 years After Service
Specific features
  • Outdoor installation
  • Ability to work at an ambient temperature of -50 to +50  ° C
  • Beautiful design and accessibility to all parts of the chiller
  • Fast after-sale service
  • Warranty 24 months or 1000 operating hours
  • Equipped with two independent pumps
  • Equipped with external control panel
  • Equipped with anti-freeze
  • Equipped with an environmental sensor
  • Equipped with fluid reservoir heater
  • Equipped with Compressor Carter Heater 
Standard Equipment
Software functionality