ARYASARMAYESH PARDISAN is a Knowledge-based Company in Iran that manufacture various types of laboratory and environmental testing devices.
These devices include temperature test chambers, Climatic (temperature and humidity) test chambers, vacuum dryers, explosion-proof dryers, condenser cooling chillers, laboratory chillers, compact chillers, mini chillers, deep freezers, test rooms, Dehumdifier, And etc.

Test Chambers

Temperature Test Chambers

Climatic Test Chambers

چمبرهای آزمایشگاهی مینی

Mini Test Chambers

محفظه تست شوک حرارتی

Thermal Shock Test Chambers

EX Test Chambers


EX Dryers

Vacuum Oven


Deep Chiller

Compact Chillers

Laboratory Mini Chillers

Chamber’s Condenser Unit Chillers

other products

Deep Freezer

سیستم هوا خشک