Temperature test chamber

The test chamber is a device that simulates different climate conditions to perform tests.

Parts and materials made in different industries must be measured and sometimes even calibrated in climate conditions, therefore, the temperature test chamber helps you to provide these conditions for your product and evaluate its quality and reaction in temperature fluctuations and prevent future problems. Temperature test chamber In this temperature simulation, accuracy is of great importance, because, there will be a possibility of disrupting the test and lack of confidence in the results obtained with temperature fluctuations inside the test chamber.

The intelligent control system of the device is designed and programmed by the engineering team of the company which allows the operator to easily monitor the entire test process through the displaying software and make the necessary changes if necessary. These chambers are designed according to the rate (the rate of temperature change per minute) which is associated with the speed of the tests, and also the size (volume) of its chamber and the temperature range are priced.

Arya Sarmayesh Company is capable of building a test chamber with a rate of 25 °C per minute and to see more information, click on its name (thermal shock test chamber).

Arya Sarmayesh temperature test chambers can simulate temperatures from -160 °C to +400 °C. To get a advice, you can contact the sales management of this company.

In the lower section, you can download the catalog of the temperature test chambers offered by Arya Sarmayesh Company.

Being mobile

The use of wheels with rotational ability and a lock has made these chambers easily portable.

The use of wheels with rotational ability and a lock has made these chambers easily portable.

The touch control system provides the highest accessibility with easy operation and has made it easy to move between touch panel pages with beautiful graphics and full color.

Standard requirements
  • The door equipped with a sight glass and internal lighting
  • Anti-moisture system in thermal shift
  • Secondary protection system against high heat
  • The adjustment of location of the internal floors
  • Air condenser
  • Calibration settings
  • AryaSoft software to run the program and fix the mode
  • Touch monitor
  • 95mm diameter cable passage channel inside the chamber equipped with permanent and temporary cover
Optional requirements
  • Water condenser
  • Chiller for water condenser
  • Special expansion card for Aryanet network and software
  • Interior floors