Environmental test chambers

The environmental test chamber is a chamber can control the relative humidity in that chamber and apply the desired changes in addition to precise temperature control and creating a stable environment in terms of temperature.

Different temperatures and humidity are simulated in this chamber and cyclic programs can be set for it.

The software of this device provides a capability for the operator to set 100 different points for temperature and humidity, and the device moves towards these points according to a predefined scheme.

Accuracy in temperature and humidity control is of great importance, therefore, in these systems, the design of the mechanical circuit and the chamber encasement can be effective in this precise process and even minimize the energy consumption of the device.

The standards implemented in the manufacturing of these devices are (IEC60068-3-5 & MIL-STD-810G & IEC60068-2-1).

In the environmental test chambers of Arya Sarmayesh, it is possible to increase the temperature up to 180 °C and the hardware of the system is designed in such a mode that the least pressure is applied to its cooling systems at high temperatures.

Air speed in temperature tests is different compared to humidity tests. This has created a better uniformity of air inside the test chamber and compliance with the protocols of the above standards.

One of the important points in these chambers is to maintain a distance of 10% of the sample from all sides of the chamber.

The Arya Sarmayesh test chambers are used in many of the important and sensitive industries of Iran and have high performance reliability and low failure.

Exporting these products to neighboring countries (Iraq and Russia) is another achievement of Arya Sarmayesh.

The size and speed of temperature fluctuation inside the chamber can have a direct impact on its price. Therefore, we advise you to contact the sales department, get advice and choose the best option from our products.

Temperature range
The temperature test chambers produced by Arya Sarmayesh have the ability to provide a temperature range from -70 °C to +200 °C.
Relative humidity
These climate chambers are able to provide relative humidity from 2-98% inside the chambers. It should be noted that relative humidity can only be provided in the positive temperature phase and relative humidity cannot be generated in the negative temperature phase.

These chambers have subcategories according to volume (small, medium, and large) which you can see at the bottom of the photo and the link of each subcategory.
Moreover, this category of chambers has a special anti-explosion subcategory, which is for testing flammable and explosive materials.

Features and facilities

Temperature and humidity test chambers generally have the main characteristics such as the internal volume of the chamber, the external volume, the rate of temperature transfer with respect to time (Rate), relative humidity and the range of available time frame. The specifications of each of these features can be observed on the page of each product.

In addition to the main features mentioned above, the temperature test chambers produced by Arya Sarmayesh have the following standard requirements:

  • The door equipped with a sight glass and internal lighting
  • Anti-moisture system in thermal shift
  • Secondary protection system against high heat
  • The adjustment of location of the internal floors
  • Air condenser
  • Calibration settings
  • AriaSoft software to run the program and fix the mode
  • Touch monitor
  • 95mm diameter cable passage channel inside the chamber equipped with permanent and temporary cover

Standard requirements are provided by default on all chambers.
Moreover, temperature test chambers of Arya Sarmayesh have optional accessories that customers can request according to their order. These requirements include:

  • Water condenser
  • Chiller for water condenser
  • Special expansion card for Arianet network and software
  • Interior floors