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Aerospace industry testing equipment

تجهیزات تست صنایع هوافضا

Testing process is considered a very important operation in order to achieve the desired outcome in the production and development of aerospace equipment. Mechanical tests of equipment and materials used in this industry are accomplished with high standards and the validation of aerospace industry materials and devices is considered a basic necessity. Aerospace industry test […]

Vibration-free chamber (separate unit)

نمایی از دستگاه چمبر بدون ارتعاش

Chambers are usually called temperature test units (temperature test chambers). There are different types of these chambers. Each of them offers its own name in the market according to its performance. Vibration-free chamber (separate unit) is a type of chambers in the market that has specific functions. Arya Sarmayesh is one of the best companies […]

Vacuum oven/pressure chamber

چمبر تست دما و فشار

Vacuum oven/pressure chamber can be considered one of the most important laboratory equipment. Although Iran has achieved in manufacturing these devices only in the last few years, the quality and overall structure of these devices are equal to international models. To understand the application of a vacuum oven/pressure chamber, you should be generally familiar with […]

Heat shock

کاربرد دستگاه شوک حرارتی

TargetTemperature shock test to determine whether the material can withstand sudden changes in ambient temperature without physical damage or attenuationResist function, use. For the purposes of this document, sudden changes such as changes in air temperature over 01 degreesCelsius is defined within one minute.ApplicationThis method is used when industrial materials are likely to be located […]

4th CLIEXPO Aftab International Exhibition

نمایشگاه بین المللی مواد و صنایع شیمیایی،تجهیزات و خدمات آزمایشگاهی

Arias Sarmayesh Company, a manufacturer of laboratory refrigeration equipment, is participating in the 4th International Exhibition of Aftab City this year.Our booth is booth f5-Aria Pardisan cooling. Aria Sarmayesh Company with more than half a century of experience in the field of refrigeration industry is present in the exhibition this time and is proud to […]

Environmental Test Chambers in Iran and Middle east

Environmental test chamber in iran

All of the people who are involved in manufacturing industries know about the importance of Quality Control (QC). The Quality Control section of every factory or manufacturing unit performs multiple of tests on a product to check its performance under every possible environmental conditions . As All of us know There is wide variety of the Environmental conditions such as Different […]