Arya Sarmayesh Pardisan Ltd., nowadays as a knowledge-based company, inaugurated in Iran in 1967 under the name of Aria Refrigeration managed by Haj Hassan Balochian. By developing the scientific environment alongside the industry, the production procedures have changed since 2007 with the company’s entry into the field of advanced testing device manufacturers whose products are used in industries such as aerospace, electronics and telecommunications, automotive and petrochemical. In these years, young researchers have succeeded in designing and manufacturing more than a dozen new devices in various fields of simulating environmental/climatic conditions, and inventing several scientific processes and innovative pieces in the industry with the support of the current CEO, Mohammad Ali Balochian, in the research and development of this equipment.

Among its other achievements, we can point out the provision of facilities for elite youth employment, self-sufficiency in domestic industry and export to neighboring countries. We are now focused on improving the quality and features of our products and innovative designs in this industry will also be welcomed by us. We always try to maintain our relationship with academic centers and universities; thus, the construction of a special school for engineers and young people of this company has recently been put on our agenda, because there is no end to innovation along with development. We seek to meet your maximum needs from testing with the highest accuracy.
We have always worked hard in production and we wish you success as well.