Environmental Test Chambers in Iran and Middle east

Environmental Test Chambers in Iran and Middle east

All of the people who are involved in manufacturing industries know about the importance of Quality Control (QC).

The Quality Control section of every factory or manufacturing unit performs multiple of tests on a product to check its performance under every possible environmental conditions .

As All of us know There is wide variety of the Environmental conditions such as Different temperatures, Change of Pressure, Humidity effect, Raining, And etc. that has to be tested in QC section before releasing the product to market.

So based on all we said so far We need a device that be capable of simulating all of the environmental conditions in a lab.

Luckily this device has been invented for decades and  It is available now. We call this device , An Environmental Test Chamber.

In Iran we have great potential for manufacturing all kind of products, And because of that there is plenty of factories that active in industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Defense, Aerospace, And etc.

ARYA SARMAYESH PARDISAN is a Ltd. Company that its main area of works is designing and manufacturing the Environmental Test Chambers for environmental tests in Iran.

 WE are have been active in refrigeration for almost 50 years with ARYA brand. Since 15 years Ago, We started our Research and development on Environmental chambers and in short time after we began to manufactured.

From that time up to this day We produced lots of Environmental Test Chambers that have the below features and characteristic :

  • Temperature from -80 °C to +200 °C
  • Temperature rate change from 1 up to 15 °C/min
  • Humidity from 5% to 99%
  • Different sizes such as mini to Walk-in Chambers
  • Explosion Proof(EX) test Chambers
  • Thermal Shock Test Chambers (first and only manufacturer in Iran)
  • Salt-Water test chambers
  • UV test chambers

in wide variety of models and combinations.

Now We are glad to announce that ARYA SARMAYESH PARDISAN has started Environmental Test Chambers exporting program to Iraq, Russia, Oman, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, And Armenia.

If you need more information or inquiry about our models please feel free to reach us from این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید email address. We will reply all emails very quickly.

You can also check our models from our website in two Arabic and English language.

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